New End Thingy?!

Hi Guys!!! I made myself a new End thingy.... yep I don't know what it's called. If you guys know what it's called then please tell me in the comments I think it's called a  'sign-off' or something?! Anyway! I will post the writing prompt soon! S. Pilt



Hi, so this can be quite a controversial topic and I am not trying to offend anyone or tell anyone what to do! This is just my opinion on makeup. I'm going to tell you now... I don't wear makeup, I sometimes refer to makeup as, 'panting you're face with plastic'!And I mean the most …

Writing Prompt #2

Gosh guys I am so sorry!!! The weekend completely ran away from me!!! Here is this weeks writing prompt: Enjoy!!!  I will post the answers on Friday. Please send them to me via email on my contact page! Thanks and sorry again! S. Pilt

Ask Me!

Hey Everyone! So people I was wondering if you wanted ask me some questions, for a question and answer post?! I already received a few awesome questions from the survey I did a little while ago. But I was wondering if you had any more questions for me about my blog or just randome stuff! …