A banana split!

The other day.. (Saturday? I think?) I had a banana thing… It was really really good! 😊
It had (DRUMROLL):

BANANA 🍌 ( I know right?! I was so surprised! 😳) lol!





1st Chop one banana into medium-ly thick slices, and then put the slices into a bowl.

2nd Either, make a pot of quick chocolate “ganache” by putting some chocolate and some cream in a saucepan, or, use chocolate sauce from your average supermarket! 😜

3rd Put a scoop of ice cream 🍦 on the banana, pour on some chocolate sauce, drizzle on some cream, sprinkle on some nuts, (optional), and there you have a freshly made banana split! 
4th EAT IT!!!! *Personally I hate it when people tell you a recipe and they don’t say you can eat it, it freaks me out, #firstworldproblems*
I hope y’all liked this post!

S. Pilt

Ps: Try smiling at someone today and see if they smile back! 🀠 Ooh and tell me how it goes in the comments! πŸ˜‰


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