Teenager posts!

Hiya! You guys all seemed to like the idea of posting more ‘Teenager Posts’ so I thought it would be cool to do a theam! Today’s theam is ‘School Related Things!’. I am homeschooled so oops but still these are really good and I enjoyed reading them, I hope you do to!!! It you don’t understand what I mean by a ‘Theamed” post, then I am sure you are not alone! 😆 you’ll get what I mean when you read them! Lol 😂.

There you go!!! 😁😂

S. Pilt


12 Replies to “Teenager posts!”

  1. I love those questions, where it’s like “Katarina bought fifty watermelons, if she ate seven, how many are left.” I’m like, okay… so people usually buy fifty watermelons on a regular basis? xD

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