Hi, so this can be quite a controversial topic and I am not trying to offend anyone or tell anyone what to do! This is just my opinion on makeup. I’m going to tell you now… I don’t wear makeup, I sometimes refer to makeup as, ‘panting you’re face with plastic’!And I mean the most makeup I wear is lipbalm. (And I don’t really classify that as makeup). *Cough Cough*. So you could say that, I, personally, have no experience on the topic so… don’t go too harsh on me! Lol. 😜😁

Some people wear makeup because, They just do what everyone else does, or they want to hide something on their face, or they wear it because then they can look, like, completely different! And sometimes people just wear it! And that is fine! Just it annoys me when people wear it to cover themselves up. And I think to myself, ‘what do you want to cover up? And why 

Look I’m not saying you should love you with makeup. And I’m not saying you should love you with no makeup, I’m saying you should love you no matter how you look! By no means am I trying to say that you need to look a certain way. By no means should you be listening to me on how to look! (Mainly because I have no idea what I’m talking about!)

The whole world changes us sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. Just let it change you in a good way!

S. Pilt


5 Replies to “Makeup.”

  1. I like how you don’t want someone wearing makeup WHEN they’re doing it to cover up I totally agree with that. I wear makeup daily and used to wear it to cover up me and look different bc I hated natural me. But now that’s changed (thankfully). I think its such a bad idea to use makeup to help you with your insecurities…start wearing makeup after you like how you naturally look xoxo

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