Writing Prompt #3 Answers!

Here is the prompt:

And the first story is by Starling:

I had been thinking about it for days. How? How could it have happened? But worst of all, how could I have LET it happen?
Ok, you are probably like, super confused about what is going on, so lemme explain.
I have (oh wait, had) a twin sister, by the name of Jasmine. She’s really close to me, and has been my best friend ever since we were a fetus. No kidding.
One day, as we walked home from school as usual, we were attacked by a gang of thieves. They targeted us for some silly reason.
There were three of them. Three HUGE thugs. One of them took out a super sharp stick and grabbed my sister and threatened to stick it through her if I didn’t hand over all my money right now.
Without thinking, I panicked and screamed. Wrong thing to do. The thug holding Jas poked the stick through her. Her guts spilled out and she went limp. I nearly fainted.
Two policemen suddenly ran around the corner. “Hey!”
“Let’s go!” yelled the biggest thug and they dashed off.
“Jas!” I sobbed and cradled her head.
One policeman knelt down and placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry kid.”
His walkie talkie crackled. The policeman stood up and spoke into it. “Can we please get an ambulance here ASAP please?”
I continued to cry, letting the tears flow onto my only sister’s head. I prayed that she was still SOMEHOW alive.
“Come on, kid. You need to get up.” The same policeman began to lift me up.
“Alright. Here’s a tissue. Tell me what happened, give me your parents’ phone numbers, and calm down.” He handed me a tissue.
Between sobs, I told him what happened.
Ten minutes later, a crowd had gathered; the medics loaded my sister into the ambulance and drove off; my parents arrived too, with my younger brother, Toby, and carted me to the hospital.
After an hour of waiting, the doctor came out with a grave face. Shaking his head, he broke the horrible news to us. “I’m sorry. She passed on as soon as she fell to the floor. I’ll allow you to visit her.”
My heart dropped to the bottom of my left foot. HOW?! That was impossible. Jazzy who was always brave, always happy, always there for me. Now she was gone.
Gone. That one word drove all the life out of me.

And that’s all I’m gonna tell you. The rest of the happenings are still a blur. After the funeral, Toby was no longer happy; mum was always full of headaches; dad was always worried. And me? I was always quiet.
And now, Toby was still sobbing himself to sleep in the next bed and I was-
“Jasmine!” I gasped.
Her figure was standing on the window sill.
“How have you been, Jonathan? I have missed you so much!” She glided over and hugged me.
I could touch her, I could feel her. But she was transparent. HOW?!
“What happened at my funeral? Is life the same without me? Do you constantly look for me to help you with homework? Where’s-”
I held up my hand. “Hold on. You died. Why are you here?”
She shrugged. “Yeah, well it didn’t stick.”
I rolled my eyes. Full of puns as usual.
From then on, she visited me every two nights. It was too risky for mum to find out that the Ghost of Jasmine was visiting me. She would faint and probably be dead next.
So it looked like I didn’t lose Jasmine after all 🙂

The next story is by H.G. Reilly:

I saw him standing watching the sun as it set creating a beautiful array of pastel pink, red, green, orange and blue across the sky. He knew sunsets where my favourite things, and now he thinks I have gone.
I stared past him, the sky mesmerised me and I felt weak. I had left him… Jacob, my joker, my friend, my partner in crime, my chauffeur, and my heart. I had left him and he thought I’d never come back.
Little did he know that I was alive. I had survived. I knew he wouldn’t love me because of how I looked now, Broken.
Jacob turned around. His eyes widened but he didn’t hesitate like I thought he would, he ran at me picking me up and swinging me around planting a kiss on my forehead.
“Jacob, stop.” I murmured.
He placed me gently on the ground as he looked deeply into my eyes. “You’re safe!” He exclaimed, his eyes started watering and he wiped them.
“Yeah, well death didn’t really stick.” I joked.
He laughed.

And tast but definetly NOT least, A story written by Enni Morgan:

Thelma slumped on the ground. If only she hadn’t been so foolish and had insisted so much. Well, she had paid the price. She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep. But even though she was exhausted, she couldn’t.

“Hello, Thelma,” a smooth voice spoke.

Thelma whirled around. She gasped in astonishment. A tall, lean boy stood, grinning broadly.

“David!” cried Thelma. “But wait…hold on, you DIED!”

“Yeah well,” David shrugged. “It didn’t stick. Aren’t you glad to see me Thelm?” The two walked off into the sunset.

I hope you all liked them! They were all really good stories so congratulations to all the writers! Also if you want to write a shot story for the prompt, feel free, no one is judging!

~S. Pilt







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