Writing Prompt Answers #2

SO! I’m back and posting the prompt answers! Here is the prompt:


SO this is Starling’s story for the prompt!!!

It was a warm and sunny day.
Janet, who sat on the steps of her porch, was deeply engrossed in a book, by the name of Black Beauty. Since she loved horses and the book was about horses, she didn’t notice her twin sister, Janice, creeping up at her with a water balloon.
SPLASH! Janice hurled the bulging water balloon against Janet, who yelped and jumped up.
“What is wrong with you?!” gasped Janet. “You scared me out of my skin!”
Janice rolled her eyes. “Oh please. You’re so serious and always reading. Time to have a little fun.”
“But you scared me!”
“Well, I am naturally terrifying!” Janice made a scary face.
“Oh stop it. You’re so immature.” Janet turned back to her book.

And Enni’s story!

I crept through the darkness, hoping not to bump into her. She was the very last person that I wanted to see. Nervously, I twisted a strand of hair around my finger. Then I heard it, that horrible laugh of satisfaction. It was dance night at school, and Veronica Silver was the last person I wanted to see. I heard footsteps behind me and jumped. I expected Veronica’s taunting laugh any moment.           “Melinda!” I gasped, realizing it was just my friend. “You scared me.” 

 “Well,” Melinda smirked. “I am naturally terrifying.”

Oh stop it,” I waved my hand in disgust.

           With a sigh I headed back upstairs, goodness, that had been a fright. But if Veronica had gotten me… So I never lost my caution, I just kept on creeping

That was really cool! Thanks for participating!!!
S. Pilt 


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