Answers to the Prompt!!!


SO! Yep these are the answers to the prompt, hope you all enjoy! The first one is by

@EnniMorgan! Her story to the prompt is:

   Anna Tatyana Monroe rushed out of the palace, clutching the heavy book to her chest. Her life depended on getting this book safely to the only secret church that existed. When she was out of sight, and far away, her most trusted friend, Marcella Brunette, caught up

“Don’t you feel guilty at all?” she asked. Anna turned on her.

“Why would I feel guilty?” she replied. “I don’t have time to feel guilty. And neither do you.” Marcella shrugged, but Anna wasn’t done.

“I will never be guilty fighting for a cause like this,” she hissed. “We have to get it to our church, no matter what. This bible, is in our hands. We have to protect it. Do you understand?” Marcella nodded. The two girls ran into the night, through the woods and up the mountains. Finally, they reached a long prairie. Anna pulled gently on a little blade of grass, and the two girls crept into the secret church.

“Thank you, girls,” the minister said, reaching for the bible. Anna brushed away some sweat, panting. But it was all over, their mission was done. Or so she thought. Marcella, she noticed, looked nervous. She backed away. Suddenly, she grabbed the bible, ready to run.

“NO!” cried Anna. “Marcella, what are you doing?”

“I work with the enemy,” Marcella turned, her golden waves flopping in the wind. “I’m sorry, Anna, but they forced me. Either get the bible, and burn it. The last copy. Or expose everyone. Everyone in this, and have them all killed. I’m sorry.”“No,” Anna fell to the ground, tears streaking her tan cheeks. “Please, Marcella. Don’t do this.”

Marcella looked down, her tears watering the grass. She choked on her words, but finally managed to say,

“It’s not the only one.”

Anna stared. Marcella thrust one old leather book out of her jacket, and then she ran. Never to be seen again. It was a bible. It wasn’t the only one. Anna picked it up with shaking hands, and down she went again, hope fluttering in her heart. God’s Word, would always survive.

The next story is by Starling:


Two thieves crept through the dead of night. They headed to the biggest mansion on Oak Street.
“Hey Bob,” the first robber whispered. “Do you feel wrong?”
“Huh?” Bob muttered distractedly. “Here, I found an unlocked window.”
“I mean, do you feel like we should start a new life?” Bob scratched his chin.
Bob rolled his eyes. “You mean go back to drinking?” He tapped the window.
The first robber shook his head. “No, like, stop robbing. Get a real job. Its just an idea.”
Bob finally turned round to face him. “What are you talking about?!”
The first robber blushed. “Do you feel guilty? Like, at all?”
Bob shook his head. “I don’t have time to feel guilty. And neither do you. We’ve made too many mistakes. Now can we please get stealing?”

And last but NOT least is a story writen by H.G. Reilly:

@H.G. Reilly

It wasn’t easy forgetting everything we did. He looked over at me his eyes searching for something. “Do you feel guilty? like at all?”
I closed my eyes, I did feel guilty… the guilt hurt me but I couldn’t risk breaking in front of him, showing my true feelings. “I don’t have time to feel guilty and neither do you.” I just lied to my best friend, and it was tearing me apart!

So there you go! They were all awesome stories by the way!!! Thank you so much for participating!!! Oh and I will post another prompt on Monday so get your pens and pencils ready!!!

~S. Pilt



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  1. Awesome, I’m excited for next Monday! This is such a great and amazing way to get to know your readers! While also promoting other writers style of writing! (If I do say so myself) 😀

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