Writing Prompt Monday

Hey! I have officially decided to make Mondays ‘Writing Prompt Mondays’!!! I hope you all are really excited! (I know I am). Sooo tell me what you think and here is todays writing prompt:

I hope you like this idea 💡, and this prompt!!!

~S. Pilt

On Friday I will post the stories that you guys send me, with the promps in them. If you want to participate just send me and email in the contact page of my blog with the story! It can be one scentance or paragraph it doesn’t matter. If this quote doesn’t inspire you then you can use next weeks quote if you want to… No pressure! 😉


15 Replies to “Writing Prompt Monday”

      1. Well if you send it to me through my contact page then I can put it up as a post!
        Just make sure it doesn’t have anything inappropriate or anti-Christian in it! 😉😁

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