Give or Take

Are you someone who gives… or takes?

This is the sunrise at 6:30am!

Well Hello there!

You know if I read that title I would be saying to myself, ‘What is this random person accusing me of?!’.

Well I’m going to tell you now… I do NOT mean this as an accusation 😝, merely as a moment to look back and see what you act like and do and how you could change that for the better. So if I were to look back on myself and tell you what I see?! I would tell you that, Truth be told, I seriously don’t care or have a need to look back at myself. But what I do care to look back at are my actions, and the way they affect people. And I am pretty ashamed of myself in that aspect.

I’m not kind or gentle with my words or actions and I don’t check what I am saying before I say it. This week I want to be a giver. At the moment I don’t think my words help anyone. But this week I want to represent God more in my daily life, and let his light shine!

Don’t feel pressured but if you want to comment or write a post about what you give and what you take, and how you can change from a taking to a giving person!

Example: I wrongly accuse people of Β things that they might not have done. I can change that and get more information before I accuse someone.

I hope this post was slightly interesting and I hope someone gets something out of it! 🀠

~S. Pilt~

PS: God is awesome and at work!!!πŸ˜‰


10 Replies to “Give or Take”

  1. I always take the love that people give me but sometimes forget to give it back in return. I need to work on that. It’s like a water tank. People take water out of the tank and use it, but if the rain doesn’t come, the tank will not fill up again for others to use. The water in the tank is love given to you. We need to give them love ( rain) back for them to give us love (water) back.

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      1. I totally understand! When I write posts to encourage others about stuff with God, I usually end up encouraging myself! Which almost sounds prideful, but with God’s word it’s not! πŸ˜‰ XD Haha!


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