My designer breakfast

Wow I just realised how weird that title is. Hahaha, anyway. So yes the other day… like yesterday… I had an orange 🍊 for breaky. Remember those time when the awesomest idea πŸ’‘ comes to you?! Yep well it was one of those moments. Here is a picture of my designer Breakfast:


Let me guess

You can’t even tell what it is, though you can probably tell that it is made out of orange peals. Well it is supposed to look like a rose 🌹, Β or some other flower 🌺 but I think I was a little bad at it…

If you could tell that it was a rose kinda flower then tell me I’m the comments. Because I am seriously doubting my expertise on this topic.

Thanks, S. Pilt

Ps: Sorry this is such a short post I will post again soon!!!


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