YAY!!! Uh huh, *does mini dance around chair chanting, “I got 30 followers I got 30 followers”… The door creaks open and a man wearing and important looking business suit steps into the room holding a file and a mug of coffee. I didn’t notice him, He stared at me. I spread my arms out wide, like a star, and only then I noticed him. Somehow he had stepped a little too close and my outspread arms bashed his coffee, that he was holding, onto the floor. But first, the drink just had to be frustrating. Everything moved in slow motion as I watched the coffee fly out of the mug all over his crisp suit, the mug fell to the floor I stared at it, horrified, as it splintered into hundreds of tiny pieces. “Now that is why you never dance in circles of celebration… EVER.” I glanced up at the man’s face and the look of utter contempt warned me… I was in for it.

Okay Yeah, my imagination did stop me from leaping out of my chair and dancing in circles… Gosh rereading that paragraph I am soo glad that did not happen to me. But then again I kinda did because I wrote that character… Oh well…..

ANYWAY! As you can probably guess from the title of the post I have reached 30 FOLLOWERS! AND it is all thanks to YOU! I hope that all you awesome people get something out of my posts that is really special!

Thank you for all your AWESOME comments and likes! I appreciate them all a lot!!!!

Thank You!!!!


PS: Sorry for the really random story thing at the top! 😉






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