The Candy Book Tag!!!

I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted in ages, Don’t worry though, I’m still alive!!!!! 😉

Okay so I have been tagged for the Candy Book Tag!

So Thank You for tagging me into The Candy Book Tag!!!! Sorry I didn’t post it sooner… :\


The Candy Book Tag.jpg

So let us get started:

Apples (4)

Oooh okay uh…. Well I don’t know is Harry Potter ‘deep and meaningful’? Well anyway, It probably has won heaps of awards… and lots of people are obsessed with it… But I don’t really like it that much?! Sorry?!


Hm okay, This is actually really hard because I love HEAPS of books… But I’ll go with;

  • The Black Stallion by Walter Farley,
  • The Candy Makers by Wendy Mass,
  • Wings of Fire by Tui.T. Sutherland (series).

SINCE 1611

Black Jelly-Beans.

Oooh! Okay! Um, School books??? Well, I read The Girl From Snowy River by Jackie French. And I thought it was definitely a “Why does this exist?” experience for me! 😉

<!– [if lt IE 9]>//<![endif]–> Aww...this novel had the best romance.png

Now… I’ll Admit I don’t really read ‘romance’ very often. But the ‘North and South’, by Elizabeth Gaskell, was quite a sweet romance.


This one is kind of for creepy books I guess. I’m not really a horror reader, and I don’t read creepy books so none?!


‘The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate’ does it still count though I haven’t finished it yet???


Uh… I love heaps of books?! And I’m not old? AGH!!!!! Hm, okay a book that I have loved ever since I can remember is probably… Okay, this question is just being difficult… I really like Beatrix Potter?!

I am Nominating!:


Rachel Vincent

H.G. Reilly

Jaylee Morgan

Cuddly Critters Blog

I hope you people found that at least slightly interesting. Thank you for reading!!!



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