Sharing is Caring!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. So, YAY I finally have gotten around to posting this!!!

This post is for promoting your blog, and another person’s  blog as well! Here is what to do:

  • ~Write a blob of words about your blog/or/About you.
  • ~Add a LINK for your blog, so it easy for us all to find!!!
  • ~Recommend a friend’s blog.
  • ~Add a LINK to your friends’ blog.
  • ~Have a look at everyone else’s blog too!

Pretty simple right? I hope so! So:

I am a Christian hoping, wondering, and marveling, at all Gods AWESOMENESS!!!
I love to write, read, and ride (yup sorry another one of those horse lovers).
My blog is found at: But you guys really don’t need that because obviously, you are already on my blog reading this post so AWESOME!!!

So the blog I would like to promote is H.G. Reillys!She has a really awesome blog you should definitely check it out! She was/is also my very first follower!!! 😀

I would recommend checking it out! 😛

So! Share your blog and a friends in the comments below!!!



13 Replies to “Sharing is Caring!”

  1. Phoenix is right. Sharing is caring! The only problem is I don’t know how to make a blog so I can share and care. Would anyone be able to tell how?
    – an anonymous pumpkin-

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  2. Nice post, really nice!
    I’m also a Christian and I think God is awesome ❤

    Anyway, I’m promoting my and my favourite blogs 😊

    I invite you to my blog 😉 I’ll be very jolly if you visit it, post a comment and if you can, follow it ❤ English isn’t my ethnic language. In school we of course have English lessons and I want to have the best mark as the semester final grade. My teacher says that I must do a lot of “English things” and I do it all the time! For example, I have this blog and I’m going to tell my teacher about it in some days. Your visiting on my blog will be very helpful for me 😊 It will be good when my teacher sees that my blog is quite popular and it have a lot of nice comments!

    My favourite blog is The main subject of it is DIY and a girl who write that blog is very, very nice and her blog is also fantastic! 😊

    Another blog which is really nice is The girl writes there mainly about her life in London. It’s very interesting and I’m so happy that I found this blog and now I can read great posts 😊

    Good night! 😊❤

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    1. Oh, I wrote “Good night” but now I realised that you live in a different country and maybe there is another time. Am I right? 😅 Anyway, wherever you are and whatever time is it… I’m writing good morning/good afternoon/good evening/good night 😂❤ Bye for now, I going to sleep, it’s midnight! 😉🌜

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      1. Aww, thank you! I’ll be very happy if you do it 😊❤ It’s important for me.
        Ha ha, there was morning in your country but now it’s 11 am in my country, ha ha ha 😅


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