‘I slammed my bedroom door closed, and flopped on my bed with a sob of humiliation.’ (from An Unusual Alliance… By *evil laugh* Me!!!)

Okay, Okay!!! I’ll admit that kind of came out of nowhere… But the truth is I need your help. I am extremely stuck. With what you may ask? Well with A.S.I mostly. For those who don’t know what A.S.I is… SHAME ON YOU I am totally joking don’t worry 😉 ! Anyway A.S.I is *A Stolen Identity*.

Back to the start again… I need help. You know when you write a book and you start with:

‘Chapter one; The awesomeness of all writing is to be revealed’ *Cough cough*. Okay more like just ‘Chapter One’ but still.

Well, when I came up with the idea of A.S.I, I was walking and was brainstorming. I was filling in time with epic plot twists and that is when A.S.I came to mind… A great spark of imagination.

I don’t know about you, but when I create a character I act that character while I write. So I was acting the protagonist, Elizabeth, and it was her diary that she was writing. As in; “April the 17th I had eaten that morning and as I walked down the stairs I saw a familiar figure. And I realized it was Alexander”. I thought about that idea a bit more thoroughly and figured I really didn’t know how to write a diary… let alone someone else’s. So you, hopefully, read my post on ‘A.S.I’. I was hoping that maybe one of you were really awesome at this kind of thing?! So question:

In what way should I write A.S.I? AKA: First person, (I am skipping 2nd person), Third person. And what do you think of Diary Style?! Maybe I should just stick to Normal???

I know you will have some epic ideas and I would love your help!!!

Thank You!!!!!!!


PS: If none of that made sense, don’t worry about it I wouldn’t understand either 😉 .


11 Replies to “Help!”

  1. A thing I find helpful when I’m writing books like that is to have right at the beginning a very short dairy entry such as:
    (The Date)
    Dear Diary,
    Something very unexpected happened to me.

    And from there you start the chapter writing it ‘normaly’. This way you have put the reader into suspense. What happened? So I enjoy doing something very short like that.

    For a romantic story (*wink wink*) the chapter could start like this:
    (The Date)
    Dear Diary,
    Can you believe it … he noticed me

    Or something like that.
    Hope it was helpful!

    H. G. Reilly

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  2. Hahaha Thank you!!!
    I haven’t tried writing a romance before 😮 … I know I should try but I don’t think I would be very good at it I guess this one will be a bit romantic?! lol
    I don’t know!!!!
    Thank you very helpful!


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