Okay a kind of… Average post??? I don’t know. Any way so this one is about Frustration. Everyone gets frustrated right? I hope… Other wise I’m just lonely in this. *Cough* Hmm.

Well God always provides us a way through. That’s why there’s no frustration in heaven.

Can you imagine heaven being frustrated? All the angles scratching their heads running through saying, “I’m stumped… I don’t know what to do!!!! I mean I am so Frustrated right now!”

Imagine the Father saying to Jesus, “Yeah…. Yep, I’m just so, so frustrated! That guy over there decided to eat the pink piece of cake not the green one! AHHH!!!”

No. There is NO frustration in heaven. There never has been any frustration in heaven. Frustration is a construct from the world around us.  We’re in CHRIST our starting place guarantees our outcome. So what if all frustration has a heavenly counterpart?!  What is frustration is actually a sign that an upgrade is present. 

What if frustration is God stopping you from walking down a road that he doesn’t want you walking down, so then you come up against this block so then you have to turn yourself around and walk in a different direction.

What if it’s a sing and God is saying, “No that’s not going to work. This’ll work though.”

If you’re frustrated God is probably trying to get a message to you, “Excuse me? If anybody home?! I see the lights are on but… Hello?!”

Frustration is a confession that we are powerless and that we’re obstructed, that we’re invalid, lets say out of date 😉 .  That’s not proper thinking! Proper thinking always declares our place of advancement, ‘I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me’. Proper thinking declares who I am in Jesus now… Who you are in Jesus now.

Today think of who you are now not who you were because, think logically, you aren’t that anymore! The only way to live in tidings of great joy and that is, Happily… Joyfully, Intentionally. 😀

 Think about something that you found frustrating lately. What does God want you to get out of that situation?

I love to hear what you think so please, if you want to comment feel free!






8 Replies to “AH! So FRUSTRATING!!!”

  1. Hi there! I enjoy reading the enthusiasm and energy you bring to your blog.
    For me when I experience frustration, I ask myself why? and then I work towards a solution. In this way, the frustration only lasts a little while.

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