A Stolen Identity

Dear Elizabeth,(3).jpg

A Stolen Identity

An adolescent girl, a mysterious letter, and a stolen Identity.

Whatever could go wrong?

Born of a lord, Elizabeth was always going to own destiny. As a baby Elizabeth was somehow mysteriously swapped with the daughter of the king and Queen of Gilvadan. Only finding out the truth when she was 15 from a letter written from her real father and real mother. With orders to destroy the letter immediately after being read. Elizabeth, wanting to know more, disobeys, not burning the letter but keeping it.

During Elizabeth’s 15-year-old birthday ball she meets a man, named Alexander, who could be the future king of Gilvadan… And perhaps her first romance. After her joyful evening, her delights are smashed as she searches, with no prevail, for the letter which has disappeared.

Left at the mystery of who would have taken the letter and whether they would share her real identity, Elizabeth is baffled with fear.

Elizabeth finds Friends and Foe, love and mistakes, on her journey to find who she really is, and why she was given A Stolen Identity.


I was walking when I came up with this plot line… I hope it works. I have a tendency to come up with book plots and not write them . Now I am going to challenge myself to actually write this one. I have started ‘An Unusual Alliance’ as well, and that one is fun to write. So I might try to do both of them. I hope A.S.I, (A Stolen Identity), ends up interesting. If you want to help me add stuff to the plot feel free to write some ideas in the comments! πŸ™‚




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