An Unusual Alliance

An Unusual Alliance

By Phoenix Dark-Scales(1)

Meagan , a freckled girl of thirteen, lives with her mother and older sister. Jane, a stubborn widower lacking in love for her youngest daughter always seems to have an endless list of jobs to be done, that only Meagan can do. Her older sister, Carly, the mother’s ‘favorite’, an eighteen-year-old looking for love. Carly is not often home and Meagan sees little of her. Though Meagan knows that Carly is older, she envies many of her talents and her freedom.

By coincidence, or was it fate, Meagan meets someone who could be her friend forever. The school is asking mountains of work, and when she finds out that the government wants to ruin her small quirky town with modern buildings and apartments, that adds a whole new dimension to her piles of homework. Allied with her new friend, she knows she has to stop them… Whatever it takes.

This is my latest project. I’m not exactly sure how it is going to work and whether my plot is actually worth it or not. If it doesn’t work out Meagan Walter is fun to create and write about. If you we’re wondering (you probably weren’t), Meagan’s ‘Mysterious friend’ Is a guy… (Interested yet?) And his name is Roy… Roy Gardener (no this is NOT a romance novel… I don’t think?!).




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