Promises! [Preface]


This post is based on ACTS 13 vs 13-41.

Okay so I noticed that sometimes, (not all the time, just sometimes), people don’t keep their promises. It gets really frustrating when your friends tell someone a secret you asked specially for them NOT to tell to ANYONE. It makes me not want to trust them or tell them anything special EVER AGAIN! “I promise to love you in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, and to keep myself ever and only for you, till death do us part.” When those kinds of promises are broken, it leaves a trail of grief and pain. If I were leaving on a long trip and I entrusted to you a rare family treasure, which you promised to keep safe for my return, I’d be a bit stunned to return and find that you had sold it at a yard sale (even if it was for missionaries!). We’re hurt when people fail to keep important promises.

If you’re going to entrust your soul to God… For eternity. It is important to know that He keeps His promises. Most of us have had the experience of being disappointed with God. We trusted Him for something that we thought He had promised, but it did not work out as we had wanted it too. It is pretty simple to do and everyone does it sometime. It is likely that God said something, and you expected something different to what God had planned . While you are probably really disappointed that God made it come true in a way you didn’t want it to, in the long run it was an EPIC choice that only an awesome God could make. 😉

On with the post! The apostle Paul’s first and longest recorded sermon deals with the theme of God’s promise of salvation: “From the offspring of this man (David), according to promise, God has brought to Israel a Savior, Jesus” (13:23). “To us the word of this salvation is sent out” (13:26). “And we preach to you the good news of the promise made to the fathers, that God has fulfilled this promise to our children [or, to us, their children] in that He raised up Jesus, as it also is written …” (13:32-33). The sermon falls into three parts, each beginning with Paul’s direct address to the congregation: The promise given (13:16-25); the promise kept (13:26-37); and, your response (13:38-41). We have here only a synopsis of what undoubtedly was a much longer message. His main idea is:

God’s promise to send a Savior and His fulfillment of that promise in sending Jesus demands a response.

The sermon was delivered at the synagogue in what is probably called Turkey today. It was about 100 miles inland, and they had to travel 3,600 feet elevation, up… That would be so long and tiring! To get there, Paul and Barnabas had to go through some dangerous mountain passes, infested with robbers. Some think that the danger was one factor in Mark’s deserting the team and returning to Jerusalem. The synagogue officials gave him the opportunity to bring the sermon. They must have been so surprised at what he said!

This topic will be in three sections other than the preface, 🙂 . So you have to wait for the next one! 😛




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