Love is what binds us together!

Hey guys! What is going down?! I hope you all are having a good day, I hope you are smiling! At my house it is raining ☔️, and that is GOOD! 😁 So as you can tell from the title of this post, duh 🙄 😂, LOVE IS WHAT BINDS US Together as Christians! These …


Teenager Posts!

Hey Y'all! It's been a little while, oops sorry about that. 😐 This weeks 'Teenager Post Theam' is SLEEP! Because I know we can all relate to it, or pretend to.... *These are not teenager Posts that just say 'WE NEED MORE SLEEP'.... sorry. 😆 Lol 😂IKR! What a waste of electricity! 😁Who doesn't do …


Hey guys,  I just thought I would do a really quick post today. WE HAVE 500 LIKES! Thank You everyone for your support in my blogging journey.  If you think there is something I should change on my blog, or if you want me to do a certain type of post then please tell me …

A Message to Haters <3

This was written by Enni@HovesandPens, and I’m reblogging this because I think this needs to be passed on!

Hooves and Pens

Dear Haters…

Honestly, I don’t know what goes in your mind. I don’t know what you think, how you feel, all the heartbreaks and trials you might or might’ve not had, but I know one thing: anything you do wrong, you can only make worse by blaming other people. What have they ever done to you? I wish every hater in the world could read it. I don’t care if they even hate on me, I would just have the satisfaction that they read this post.

The world has enough sorrows and trials already, people too. Why do you want to add to that burden? Why do you have to be the spoiled kid that doesn’t get what he wants and makes a burden for everyone? Don’t you want to be the good kid? The one who helps, does more than expected? Do you want to spread negativity? Do you 

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